The Telephone Express

Bad flight, worse landing, off the tarmac and down the loneliest highway on the coast.  Family waiting in the home with open arms in class-two mansion. And then, after two days getting pampered, off to the Express Advocate for a week’s internship.  Arrival in the front hall and greeted warmly.  PA blares in the newsroom(…)

Full of excitement!

On the third day, I have lots of fun at the Sunshine Coast Daily. I had a look at an interesting process of the photo modification and newspaper design. Very kind and gentle staff gave me detailed explanations. I had wrote a story on my life and perspectives to Australian culture and customs. The expression(…)

Another day

Working on my stories today. Two have fallen through so that’s leaves one which is being held up by PR people. Hopefully I can make it through their barrier and get the gold. Got an interesting talk from the CoS about how to lay out a newspaper; mixing it up the content especially with a Sunday(…)

It all went quiet…

Not much to say. Tuesday is the start of the working week for the crew at the Sunday Herald Sun and it was to see a massive turnout. It wasn’t till about two in the afternoon that the room started to fill and the eager click-clacking of keyboards was heard all around. Got to pitch(…)