Yeah, sticking with the Star Wars theme, no particular order, no particular reason, it just seems better than numerically listing them.

So, the last day of the first week. Day Cinco. The ol’ Friday at the mill. The last dip at the swimmin’ hole.

So I turn up and to my delight I am once again joining Felicity at the court house! It is quite cool even just getting in. We have a council parking permit that lets us park in loading zones and any metered parking without paying. How cool is that!? We waltz right in, through security, Flick distributes QT’s to the security guards (who whenever we go past are doing crosswords. Crosswords have such a different skill set to just having a great vocabulary. I hate them.) and we get straight into Mag 1. District Court is closed today (I don’t know why, I thought justice never slept but apparently the like a long weekend) so its just Mag’s today. It’s going pretty slow, not much cracking but it’s still fun (now, I don’t mean that as sick and sadistic, it’s just interesting).

By midday every thing’s pretty wrapped up with a few things deferred until 2pm particularly a burglary of a Donut King where a three guys allegedly stole the safe from the store (good work dudes..) so we go back to the office, give Stuart the debrief and Felicity’s got other stuff to do during the day so I get to go back to court solo(!!!) at 2. Heck. Yes. So when we get back Chris gives me a list of 40 schools to call about Air Conditioning. That’s a lot of calls but I think I’m just about over my fear of telephones now so its good practice. About half of them answered, the other half were ‘busy’ but thats what you get I guess, I’m calling them back Monday.

Two 0’clock comes round and I go down to the courtroom, the guards know me now so they give me some pointers. I sit in on the Donut King thing, and then rape, which had a mention this morning, had another mention. It was quite detailed, probably not the best place to go into it but if the allegations are true, it’s not brilliant. So I take down everything said and head back. We still have Vox’s to do (one for the QT, the other for the Ipswich ‘Tiser) and as generous and loving as they are they’ve left them for me to do.

Get them done (riveting question for the ‘Tiser, What is your favourite breed of dog, Vox’s be damned, seriously.) and go back and write up the alleged rape. Flick looks at it with me and there isn’t anything drastically wrong with it (I did forget to say what court house etc. and I didn’t get the prosecutors name) but its a bit late to put in and it’s nothing big yet. There’s another mention on Tuesday which I’m going to follow up. Look forward to it.

Much prefer court to anything else I’ve done. Except maybe sport, but the QT sport section is pretty… meh. So I’m having a good time. Hopefully more next week! I’m not getting bylines yet.. And I don’t know how many I could get from courts next week, but it’s good experience I think and maybe it is more valuable than a couple of stories about dogs and the weather published on page 15.