I killed a fish, and a wizard revived it

The second day of my internship challenge started with covering a Scouts story, which my supervisor Shirley gave me in the morning. Simultaneously, I have to chase another story about the difficulties the international students of University of the Sunshine Coast. I spent all the day making phone calls and writing those articles. Those processes(…)

The night before the chicken died

A great dying time is completed. It is time for rebirth and positivism. It is time for footy finals, it is time to make the Australian cricket team, it is time to write, the time is 5.52pm.   I am here wrapped woolen yet brisk, the outside chill of Naracoorte has forced me to quit(…)

Adrian @ The QT

Adrian’s QT Experience. Day Uno (I’m only going to do the Spanish thing for the first… 5 days, then I’m out. I might try Latin after that.) So, My first day. I rock up. Editor isn’t there. CoS isn’t there. Today is their first day in their new office so everyone is at their new(…)