I just got the joke in the Style book about clichés. It’s not subtlle either, I just wasn’t looking for it. It’s pretty good. Excerpt from News Ltd Style Book Third Edition CLICHES These should be avoided (like the plague). End Except. Get it? Get it!? ‘Cause it’s a cliché! I think it was the(…)

Rules for returning expats in Brisbane

Pretty much any old fool would think he could survive back in his own country after a spell in the Orient.  However, there are a few details to being a returning expat in Brisbane. 1. Remember traffic lights are there for a reason in this country.  Crossing the road and weaving through traffic doesn’t work(…)


The saying ‘a smile costs nothing’ has become so clichéd it brings a frown to my face. I don’t wish to be controlled at the best of times, let alone be forced by social conformity to show kindness to complete strangers. If I don’t know you, do not expect to be greeted by me. If I(…)

Few months to go.

Every time I spend some time abroad I come to realize what a great place my home country is. Australian seems to be so far behind in so many things and they are most patriotic people I’ve ever met. (Except maybe American) It makes me appreciate more my country and where I come from. Australia(…)

A possible radical change in Japanese political world – Part 1

What do you associate Japan with? – Sushi, Tempura, Geisha, Ninja, high-technology, the world’s second largest economy, Tokyo – one of the largest metropolitan areas in the world, Kyoto – a beautiful historic city… However,  if you were in Japan now, you might not enjoy them whether you were in Tokyo or in Kyoto. You(…)