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Out of the fire, and into Dante’s Inferno

I cursed my luck again as the offer and working hours came in just a couple of day after I started my new job. Granted, it was closer to what I originally wanted, but still, it’s not right that I’m often forced to disappoint those counting on me. What would my fellow Jschoolers think? Anyways,(…)

Five litres of caffeine

I sit here now, toasty by the fireplace, dog asleep at my feet, typing about one of the most extraordinary, and seemingly, shortest weeks of my life. Day Five over.  More press releases and story ideas given to me.  More given right back after being researched, cut, slabbed, and pasted.  Another sports team, another community(…)

The Telephone Express

Bad flight, worse landing, off the tarmac and down the loneliest highway on the coast.  Family waiting in the home with open arms in class-two mansion. And then, after two days getting pampered, off to the Express Advocate for a week’s internship.  Arrival in the front hall and greeted warmly.  PA blares in the newsroom(…)

Rules for returning expats in Brisbane

Pretty much any old fool would think he could survive back in his own country after a spell in the Orient.  However, there are a few details to being a returning expat in Brisbane. 1. Remember traffic lights are there for a reason in this country.  Crossing the road and weaving through traffic doesn’t work(…)

Vietnamese Liberation Day

34 years ago today, a steel arm rammed down the gates of the Reunification Palace, NVA soldiers rushed inside to fly the victory flag from the building, and that was the end of South Vietnam. All of Vietnam was reunified after the fall of Saigon, and today the country celebrates the Liberation Day holiday. The(…)

Better than a slap in the face with a dead fish!

Wonderful! Wonderful! It’s the best thing since the self-flushing toilet! Jschool’s the place if you want the hands-on j-education with no messing around (or at least not much).  Over a month’s grind so far, my new classmates and I have witnessed a political debate in the City Library, a staggering sharehouse performance in the Arts Theatre, and(…)