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Adrian @ The QT: Return of the Jedi

Yeah, works well huh? Being my return to the blog as well as the final wrap up. So I didn’t do well at the blogging in the last week, but no-one else did so I don’t feel too bad. So I’ll condense the week down for you. Monday September 14. ‘Twas a long time ago now.(…)

Adrian @ The QT: The Phantom Menace

Yeah, sticking with the Star Wars theme, no particular order, no particular reason, it just seems better than numerically listing them. So, the last day of the first week. Day Cinco. The ol’ Friday at the mill. The last dip at the swimmin’ hole. So I turn up and to my delight I am once(…)

Adrian @ the QT: The Empire Strikes Back

Yeah. I went there. Star Wars reference, check. So, Days Dos, Tres and Quattro today (still going Spanish, I think its sinco tomorrow? after that I’m gone). Lets start at the start of the spot where I ended at the end of the last blog and not start at the start of my internship because(…)

Adrian @ The QT

Adrian’s QT Experience. Day Uno (I’m only going to do the Spanish thing for the first… 5 days, then I’m out. I might try Latin after that.) So, My first day. I rock up. Editor isn’t there. CoS isn’t there. Today is their first day in their new office so everyone is at their new(…)


I just got the joke in the Style book about clichés. It’s not subtlle either, I just wasn’t looking for it. It’s pretty good. Excerpt from News Ltd Style Book Third Edition CLICHES These should be avoided (like the plague). End Except. Get it? Get it!? ‘Cause it’s a cliché! I think it was the(…)


The saying ‘a smile costs nothing’ has become so clichéd it brings a frown to my face. I don’t wish to be controlled at the best of times, let alone be forced by social conformity to show kindness to complete strangers. If I don’t know you, do not expect to be greeted by me. If I(…)