If You Are Reading This…Do It

I am now more than half way through my diploma of journalism with Jschool and can honestly say, with hand on heart, this has been the best and most rewarding course I have ever studied. I have a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature and a Graduate Diploma of Education behind me, but never have(…)

Controversial Telegraph Front Page

I read an interesting article in The Guardian on the 5th July 2017 in which critics were attacking a clearly politically biased front page in The Daily Telegraph (https://www.theguardian.com/media/2017/jul/05/newsagents-urged-to-refuse-to-sell-daily-telegraph-over-fictional-attack-on-labor). The Telegraph had published a fictional front page and corresponding editorial, dated 5th July 2019, looking back on the first 100 days in office of a(…)

What freelancing really looks like.

What freelancing really looks like.

I have four children under the age of ten. My eldest daughter is educated by me and my husband at home, my two middle girls attend school and my three year old is at home as well. I work from home as a freelance writer for Kidspot, and I love the work I do. It(…)

Exposure bucks don’t pay the rent.

Exposure bucks don’t pay the rent.

I supposed I have been writing fairly consistently online now for over 18 months. This involves my own personal blog, but also doing freelance work for a number of businesses such as Kidspot, Babyology and Upworthy. All of the work I have done for these companies have been paid commissions. My time and effort for(…)

Breaking 2016

‘2016 has been the worst year ever!’ If you’re a news-junkie as I am, this has been somewhat of a mantra propagated by many of the media elite. In our celebrity-driven, idol-worshiping Western culture it has been a tough one, I will admit. As many of you are aware, I have dabbled in the music(…)

Music TV Is Dead

I was lucky enough to score a job in music television with very little writing and producing skills behind me back in 2011. My background is in performing arts and I’m a professional singer. Talking about and reviewing my favorite artists albums was a dream job for me. Being able to report and discuss pop(…)

Paid Social Media Posts.

Last year I was approached by a travel company, you may have heard of them Contiki, to come on an all expenses paid for trip to Greece and Turkey. My first thought was why would a internationally recognized travel company want to simply give free trips away? The thought didn’t last very long as logic(…)

Channel 10 Newsroom

It starts again. The nerves, self-doubt and excitement rushing through my mind as I jump in the car to start day 1 of 7 at the Channel 10 Newsroom. As I entered the station I felt a little more confident this time shaking hands with the COS, big boss and the familiar journalists. Firsts things(…)

Locals the heart of community journalism

The hours might be challenging and the pay might not make you a millionaire, but the rewards of community journalism are priceless. Nick Crockford, who is the Moreton Divisional Editor at Quest Newspapers, has worked in the newspaper business in the United Kingdom and now works for the local newspapers in North Lakes, Brisbane. He(…)

Five days at the Quest – Bowen Hills

The last five days has been an excellent experience which will most probably take a while to absorb fully. A brief of the week including highlights. Day One – just being there was a highlight.  My first day was settling in and getting used to the new environment. Reading all the different division newspapers and(…)

Internship at Bowen Hills “Quest Community News”

Internship at Bowen Hills “Quest Community News”

I’ve been blessed to have one week at the main centre of News Corp. Talk about a massive building; it’s like people everywhere. Working the “Quest” news section has been really…well it’s been, challenging, rewarding, tiring, enjoyable, I’m sure there’re more words I could add to the list, but I am too tired to think(…)

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