I am now more than half way through my diploma of journalism with Jschool and can honestly say, with hand on heart, this has been the best and most rewarding course I have ever studied.

I have a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature and a Graduate Diploma of Education behind me, but never have I been as interested in the subject matter nor as enthusiastic to complete the assessment as I have been while studying journalism.

The course material is concise, yet well rounded and relevant, the lecturers provide insightful feedback, and the online delivery enables study at times that best suit me.

I have been tasked with writing court stories, political articles, sports reports, restaurant reviews, I’ve chased down interviews and attended public events, among a host of other activities, and the year is only half done.

It is not easy to juggle work, family and study, but it’s manageable. I actually look forward to getting home from work and opening the lecture material each day.

When I was considering studying journalism I looked at the big universities and their 4-year programs, but I also thoroughly researched Jschool. I read their history and reviews and scoured the Jschool website, including a lot of the blog entries, to better understand if it’s worth spending thousands of dollars on.

Which brings me to the point of this particular blog post. If, like me, you are reading this blog while considering if Jschool is the right move, take it from me…it is. I should point out I am under no obligation to write a review of any sort on behalf of Jschool. I am simply suggesting that Jschool has been fantastic for me thus far and I anticipate it will continue to be throughout the rest of my study. If you are reading this…do it.