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Five days at the Quest – Bowen Hills

The last five days has been an excellent experience which will most probably take a while to absorb fully. A brief of the week including highlights. Day One – just being there was a highlight.  My first day was settling in and getting used to the new environment. Reading all the different division newspapers and(…)

Internship at Bowen Hills “Quest Community News”

Internship at Bowen Hills “Quest Community News”

I’ve been blessed to have one week at the main centre of News Corp. Talk about a massive building; it’s like people everywhere. Working the “Quest” news section has been really…well it’s been, challenging, rewarding, tiring, enjoyable, I’m sure there’re more words I could add to the list, but I am too tired to think(…)

Dangerous and Difficult Times for Journalists.

During, 2014, Israeli-Gaza conflict there seemed to be silence from the foreign journalists reporting from within the Gaza strip during the 50 days of bombings. The following few headlines reveal a small glimpse of what was happening in Gaza. “The death toll among journalists during Operation Protective Edge was staggering.” “Journalists threatened by Hamas for(…)

Interviewing a complete stranger

Finding a story is one thing, but when you are asked to approach someone you don’t know to see if there’s a story of interest there, that’s altogether another thing. Okay, everyone as a story! Yes, that’s true but where was I going to get that story? Easy, so I thought, and it usually is(…)

A protest or a prop?

A few weeks before the last elections I went to a local protest rally endorsed by GetUp. I thought it would be an excellent opportunity to get a story for Newsbytes. I arrived early about 7.30 am. There were a handful of people already starting to roll in mainly older people wearing hospital gear in(…)