She’s got juggling skills

I have four children under the age of ten. My eldest daughter is educated by me and my husband at home, my two middle girls attend school and my three year old is at home as well. I work from home as a freelance writer for Kidspot, and I love the work I do. It does not however, always look like “work” typically should, I suppose. It isn’t neat and tidy, it’s often spontaneous and a little messy. It is a good thing that I excel in time-management and I work really efficiently to meet deadlines.

Freelancing to me looks like:

  • Pulling up in a carpark of a service station, shoving biscuits and crackers into my toddler’s mouth and handing over whatever iDevice I can spare to keep her quiet and occupied whilst I wait for a phone call from a client I am interviewing over the phone so I can complete my article.
  • Taking my wonderful mother in law up on her offers to come up every week, and bailing as soon as she gets in the door so I can get to the library or local coffee shop so I can work on whatever is needing to be done at that moment in peace.
  • Scribbling notes from a phone call on the back of library books whilst pulled over in the car, because my toddler has somehow pilfered my actual note-taking paper.
  • Soaking in whatever social situations I am placed in as a parent and often using those experiences as inspiration for articles I write, drawing on different opinions and approaches that I can include in my writing.

Contrary to how sometimes chaotic my life can be, truthfully I really love the juggle. Fulfilling my own personal goals, meeting really interesting people and being paid to write really is a dream come true. One that I hope will mean I can swap roles with my husband in the near future, and do it full-time while he studies. It’s all about that balance, eh?