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Locals the heart of community journalism

The hours might be challenging and the pay might not make you a millionaire, but the rewards of community journalism are priceless. Nick Crockford, who is the Moreton Divisional Editor at Quest Newspapers, has worked in the newspaper business in the United Kingdom and now works for the local newspapers in North Lakes, Brisbane. He(…)


Today was my final day at Quest Newspapers North Lakes. I worked on a 50th wedding anniversary story in the morning. It was such a romantic tale and the happy couple were as in love now as they were when they first laid eyes on each other. The husband said, “She was beautiful. She still is.(…)

Third Day At Quest Community Newspapers

Today I gained a glimpse into a few more aspects of the local newspaper business. I spent the first half hour working on a 60th Wedding Anniversary story that Emma Williams gave me. I spoke to the happy couple who are in their 80s and seemed taken aback that Quest were going to run the(…)

Second Day At Quest Community Newspapers

Today was a very busy day after another exhausting drive. I don’t know how people do highway driving every day and then manage to put in a full-days work for 5 days/week. & then going home again! I’ve nearly had three accidents trying to change lanes and not noticing cars there. I think I’ll take(…)

First Day At Quest Community Newspapers

I began my internship today at Quest Newspapers at North Lakes. I arrived at about 9:30. North Lakes is located north of Brisbane and is a rapidly growing region. We know this by virtue of the fact that Ikea will be opening out there soon! From where I live it was a 35 minute drive,(…)

Credit Where Credit’s Due

I have always admired and respected Journalists, in particular television journalists. Watching the news was a daily ritual in my family home growing up and still is. The journalists really became “part of the family”, a welcome addition to the home for that half hour or hour-long bulletin. If you could rely on nothing else(…)

Journalism in the Age of Terror

The devastation in Nice yet again reminds us of the delicate and temporary nature of peace in nations that are founded on love, acceptance, understanding and freedom. Even when we make each other angry, only the most depraved resort to wishing death on another in the free world. Rather we resolve our disputes with civil(…)