The last five days has been an excellent experience which will most probably take a while to absorb fully.

A brief of the week including highlights.

Day One – just being there was a highlight.  My first day was settling in and getting used to the new environment. Reading all the different division newspapers and researching news stories.

Day Two – starting the day of tired which wasn’t easy, but a constant flow of coffee helped put the buzz back into my step. Started writing news stories and researching topics whereas the phone system, not the easiest for me.   Hearing the person on the other side, interviewing them was a challenge as I’m not used to a standard phone. Decided that my mobile phone was so much easier to use.

Day Three – still in a state of tiredness. Coffee really helps especially when you don’t stop for lunch breaks. ( Note: I chose not to stop for lunch breaks. Apples, carrots, natural things that didn’t need too much attention was the key. I decided on day one to make the most of my five days, and lunch breaks were not high on the priority list.)
Today felt good finalising stories and continuing with new ones.

Day Four – Finally got in touch with someone that I’ve been trying to interview since Tuesday. It felt good to tick that story of my list. I’ve been enjoying the feedback it’s been invaluable. One thing I noticed that I had to keep in mind was the editor wanted the first paragraph to be short with impact.

Day Five – I love it when you enjoy something so much you can’t wait to get there or doing something. That’s how I felt this morning. I’m not sure if you can be addicted to writing news stories or a junky where you are looking forward to the next fix in my case the next story.
The final lifestyle story I wrote was my favourite. I think I finally relaxed enough to enjoy fully putting it together.

I have appreciated my time with Quest at Bowen Hills. I felt privileged and honored to have been giving this opportunity to experience life in the Journalist lane with professionals who love what they do.