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Final days at the SCD: The intern’s dream assignment… almost.

Final days at the SCD: The intern’s dream assignment… almost.

Right! So, my last few days at the Sunny Coast Daily were a whirlwhind. Things were going well, one foot in front of the other article-wise etc, when life took an unexpected turn shortly before I left on wednesday afternoon. Technically, I’d been assigned to the features and travel section,  but so far the emphasis(…)

God how I love coffee and ipods

Today has been a much more productive day so far, and as such, I’m taking adantage of the time I have to keep you all updated about life here at the Daily. Part of why I’m feeling more productive, I think, has something to do with the very nice, large, cup of coffee I’m nursing(…)

One week down, here’s to week two.

So, yes indeedy it is week two of my time here at the Sunshine Coast Daily. Day two of week two to be specific. It started well enough, I came in half an hour early to get a bit of work done (wasn’t writing my best yesterday, needed a little catch-up time) and found my(…)

Yargh, me hartys its international talk like a pirate day.

Yeah, so I’m fresh out of parrots to perch on my shoulder, and left my eyepatch back in Brisbane, silly me. So that is where the pirate talk ends. Thank god. Haha. So, evidently the lack of an internet connection where I am staying took its toll on my timely blog posting, oops. Sigh.  But,(…)

Internship – the midway mark

Its interesting to read about everyone else’s early internship experiences. It seems everyone has had a slightly different couple of days. And here I shall insert the “wow, expectations are so often off the mark”speech. I really should have learnt that lesson by now. So far, days 2 and 3 of my Springwood Quest experience(…)

Internship – Day 1

So today was the day my first internship began. It started with nerves, a foreshortned sleep cycle (that is, I got up early so I could spend more waking hours stressing – good move that, haha), and a triple strength coffee. Yep all set, ready and raring to go. Dressed snazzily, packed everything I thought(…)

Journalism. Seriously.

Journalism. Seriously.

I’m on a quest to be a better person. I’m also on a quest to be a great journalist. Good thing these two things are compatible. Shortly after starting JSchool, I was catching a bus home, when the guy next to me decided to strike up a conversation. “Just finished work?” he asked. I replied(…)

Getting an Education…

Getting an Education…

Well then. I just narrowly avoided a spot of blogging embarrassment. I just finished writing up a piece about great music – I have a theory on this, but it’ll have to wait for another day – when I realised that the bubbly Britt has already covered this fantastic subject. Sigh. I’m glad I noticed(…)