Today has been a much more productive day so far, and as such, I’m taking adantage of the time I have to keep you all updated about life here at the Daily.

Part of why I’m feeling more productive, I think, has something to do with the very nice, large, cup of coffee I’m nursing and the ipod pumping my fav running music into one ear. Its perfect, the oh so familiar music is easy to tune out and blocks out just enough of the sound of the newsroom to let me concentrate while still letting me keep an ear on my surroudings – wish I gave this a go sooner.

Today has been intersting, news meeting, followed by calling people up (got some great comments today – don’t you love people who can turn a great and informative phrase when you’re looking¬† for comment?) and writing, writing writing.¬†

Today is also the 65th birthday of the gentleman I’m staying with here too. So Happy Birthday Russell, who no doubt isn’t reading this. Can’t say how well this worked out. Each day I leave the newsroom tired and a little drained (not nec from the work, but adjusting to a new environment and new style of writing) and lovely semi-retired Russell usually has dinner waiting, and most nights, some intersting guests too. I bring this up because it is in fact relevant to my internship experience. Can’t recommend enough sitting down and having a good ol chin wag with as many locals as you can. Especially the more mature ones, geez, they’ve got some intersting stories! And, will often be able to answer any questions you have about the community in which you’re staying that you won’t find on the internet, and are not important enough to bother your editor with, but extremely useful for your orientation and understanding nonetheless. So cheers Russell!

Right, that’s about it from me!

Enjoy your hols or last few days of intern life all, whatever your circumstances may be.


Lara x