So today was the day my first internship began. It started with nerves, a foreshortned sleep cycle (that is, I got up early so I could spend more waking hours stressing – good move that, haha), and a triple strength coffee.

Yep all set, ready and raring to go. Dressed snazzily, packed everything I thought I might need in my large and poppins-esque pink bag and hopped in the car for the 10 minute drive to Springwood Quest.

And, as there always is with a big build-up of expectation, things are never quite as you imagined them. Instead of walking into a bustling newsroom, where little ol’ intern me would just get in the way, I walked into a well lit, calm and quiet newsroom with a skeleton staff. Oh yeah – Queen’s Birthday public holiday.

My news editor introduced me to the very unintimidating count of seven others on staff that day, and whisked me off for a brief orientation chat and tour.

After that, my nerves were basically gone. The editors were friendly, and their expectations of me were definitely reasonable. Now, I’m not even sure exactly what I had to be nervous about.

I was given three stories to pursue by about 10.00, and managed to get a hold of my first interviewee by about 10.30ish – story one done by about 11.30, with a photo session booked for the next day. No more luck getting in contact with the others yet though.

After that first interview, it got quiet. Very quiet. And everyone was flagging. Poor schmucks having to work on a public holiday. My thoughts strayed to the wonderful concept of lunch dessert…

As cliché as it is, to have the intern rock up with baked goods or coffee, I’m a sharing is caring kinda girl, and the Quest staff looked to be in need of a public holiday sugar fix. Baked goods to the rescue. Plus, everyone was so quiet, and this gave me the perfect excuse to say hi to everyone again. Is there anything baked goods can’t do?

After lunch, I ran a few more story ideas by the news editor (yay – they met muster!) and had some more success getting in contact with a source – this time a local cancer survivor with an interesting story, who had some fund-raising activities planned. I’m still finishing that one.

Now, I’m home, tired, and looking forward to tomorrow – the full newsroom and following up on all those story ideas left over from today.

Good luck all, I hope its going as well for you as it is for me.


Lara x