Its interesting to read about everyone else’s early internship experiences. It seems everyone has had a slightly different couple of days. And here I shall insert the “wow, expectations are so often off the mark”speech. I really should have learnt that lesson by now.

So far, days 2 and 3 of my Springwood Quest experience have been decidedly un-regimented. I breeze on in, sit at my desk after a quick hello to the staff, and get straight down to work. The last couple of days I’ve had luck getting interviews late in the day, and was instructed by my editor to leave the write up for the following morning.

I phone sources, get interviews, book photos, and write stories to then shoot off to whichever editor suggested them, or I’ve discussed them with. I’m largely left to my own devices, with an occassional “you all clear?” when I ask if I can run some ideas by one of the editors, usually pretty quickly followed by another task for me to do.

I’ve noticed so far, that in the morning, the office isn’t a particularly chatty environment, which is actually kind of nice. Everyone is able to get straight to work, and make a productive start to the day.

Usually, by about mid-late morning, I’ve finished a story and started to chase another. So far I’ve worked on pieces about prize winning gardens, community weight loss challenges, a circus company, a new nail salon and proper fake nail application (learnt a lot there!), a charity golf event, an appeal to a hit and run driver, and a profile of a fundraising cancer survivor.

Tomorrow I’m chatting with an acupuncturist who treats animals in addition to people. Should be interesting.

Some of those ideas are my own, and others suggested by one or other of my friendly neighbourhood editors. In each case though, I’m given a lot of latitude. So far, with one exception, no one has even specified how long my pieces should be, nor much detail on what they want me to cover. Find something interesting and go with it. I love it.

On reflection, this could potentially turn into a me having enough rope to get myself into trouble type situation, but has (knock on wood) worked out pretty well to date. I was told today that I’d have two pieces in Friday’s edition of the Albert and Logan, one of which would be the cover of the Anything But Work section. Can’t say I’m not excited!

The editors have asked me several times now what kind of pieces I’d really like to work on, and each time I’m at something of a loss at how to reply. I’ve really enjoyed working on the stories I’ve been able to chase up so far, quirky as they may be. I can’t help it, but I find it all interesting. Its all a learning experience, and as long as you don’t throw any sports stuff at me, I’m probably going to enjoy it.

I’m looking forward to the rest of the week. Its nice to waltz on in and get to work doing something interesting. Also, it’ll be nice to see the office on a non-deadline day (with two papers at the Springwood office, deadline days are monday, tuesday, and wednesday!).

By the way, cheers to Desley for all your newswriting and style classes, they really help a lot!

Best wishes all, looking forward to hearing about your many and varied experiences!


Lara x