I arrived at Quest HQ today with a hot coffee and a curiosity of what would happen today.

Yesterday, I didn’t blog as it was chaos in the office as deadline was looming. I finished a few stories and submitted them. Recieved one back today and was happy that it wasn’t subbed to the point it was unrecognisable.

Day three presented a few things to get done including some small stories about things that were going on in different schools in the area. I wasn’t really surprised that the private schools had amazing updated websites while the state ones had newsletter’s highlighted as ‘new’ that were from 2006.

After I trawled through a handful of sites looking for interesting grabs to write up, I started on my next assignment. Polishing off a tub of hommus with a handful of crackers. Mission accomplished.

Letting my hommus dipped crackers digest, I moved on to covering things to do in the area. I covered everything from dancing classes to whale watching. And learnt a thing in between. I’m actually going to see the whale’s on Monday after reading up on them (and the spectacular food spread that’s included)

After finishing up on everything, I attended a news meeting which covered stories the other girls were running and any stories Kylie, the Editor would like to be covered before the next issue.

I went for a walk and to find something to eat despite devouring half a tub of hommus only an hour earlier, I felt I needed to get outside and bask in the glorious sunshine that was hitting the water. I went for a wander and eventually stopped into a British themed cafe which was all types of quant and Pommy.

Settling with a chicken and mayonnaise sanga and a milkshake, I felt pleased with my purchase. Not to mention the last minute added Fry’s Peppermint Chocolate Bar I decided to get.

Sitting at my desk with my lunch, I took one bite of my sanga and had visions of Monday’s nightmare of a lunch.

It was awful. OK, maybe not as awful as Subway but certainly not as tasty as I was imagining.

Milkshake went down well and the chocolate was delicious.

Back to the grind, I was asked by one of the girls if I could look into any sports clubs that were in the North Lakes area. I managed to speak to a coach from a softball team who was currently in Sydney to watch the Origin game tonight. He asked me my preference and I had to of course say ‘err, Queensland… of…  course!’ he was also a QLD supporter and I heard an enthiaustic response to my answer which made it seem like the best possible thing to have said rather than “I really don’t watch sport. And I’ll probably end up watching re-runs… or maybe go shopping on eBay… or eat chocolate”

He offered to email me some information about the team which I happily obliged to. We said our goodbyes and I was back to looking into more teams that were in the general area.

Kylie, came over and showed me a media kit ‘Sids and Kids’ had given her and asked if I could possibly research into whether or not there were any parents from the area who I could speak to. I agreed and got on the phone to the media advisor Andra who was more than happy to assist me with my research.

Another email sent off and I was back researching on the good old World Wide Web for anything that could be of assistance.

Found a few more interesting angles on the sports clubs and what was going on with them.

Spoke to Kylie about organising an interview and she was experiencing everyone’s worst nightmare – contacting I.T.

She said that we could postpone it til tomorrow and that was fine with me. I had a few rough drafts of a travel story I was going to submit and needed every last minute of the day to release my creativeness through this story.

5pm. End of the day. As I left the building into the chilly afternoon air, I hopped into my car and started driving home. Another day done and dusted. I look forward to what Thursday brings.