So I jumped on the Toyota Prius website and the image of three people popped up with their long beards and greenpeace membership cards.

Implying that the Toyota Prius range is 100% for people who like Koalas.

Toyota say that because it has a 3.9l/100km fuel rating that it’s economical to drive. That 3.9 rating is the lowest Toyota could get it to go but in real traffic and in the real world don’t expect to be sipping away when you’re hammering down the motorway. P.s Hammering probably isnt the right word. Buzzing would be more appropriate.

Toyota have also failed to release information including the increased environmental cost of manufacture and disposal of the nickel-metal hydride battery. Does that outweigh the fuel economy?

One of the ‘Hybrid People’ Belinda Sullivan is the former CEO of the eye foundation. Surely she must have lost that gift of sight if she bought a Prius. The front end looks like a grasshopper with eyelashes designed by a man who couldn’t wait to go home that afternoon.

In comparison the Mazda 3 is around $10,000 cheaper at $21,000. And that is the base Prius.

The Prius may have a nicer and more modern interior but the Mazda is a better and sportier car with its 6 speed paddle shift gearbox and slim looks.

The Mazda has a 7.9 economy rating and no nickel battery to bury when its passed it’s used by.

So the Prius is boring, ugly and not as environmentally friendly as we all may think.

So what is the point of it?