The first day of my internship started with a one and a half hour bus ride filled with strangely behaving individuals, and it somehow seemed shorter than the half hour train ride I normally take to college.

From the moment I woke up and got out of bed I was sure that today was the coldest day of the year, it seemed that there was no escape from the chilling air.

Once I did arrive though I had a good conversation with the editor Kylie Knight, was given a tour of the office and quickly got stuck into pages of paperwork. Once I had waded through the paperwork it was on to proper story writing, I had to pick from a list of 16 ‘tasks’, which were effectively guidelines for finding stories.

I picked the first on the list, keeping things simple, and a large part of the day was spent researching this story.

The 16 story guidelines that I was given are for me to complete at my own volition throughout my week-long internship, although quite reasonably they aren’t all expected to be done in the five day span of the internship.

The journalists in the office were quiet the entire day, neck deep in the deadline crunch of the newspaper, although when the deadline passed things livened up considerably, and people become more conversational.

The journalist staff at the office are from various newspapers across Quest’s Moreton coverage region, including Pine Rivers Press, The Northern Times and the Redcliffe and Bayside Herald.

The Redcliffe Herald office is the tight-knit small office environment that is particularly welcoming to come into every day, and I look forward to working on my journalism abilities with the people there.