Blog post – Days two, three and four

Blog post day 2 Today was the second day of my internship, And it seems things are well and truly getting into gear. Right off the bat I joined the paper’s reporters in a media conference, it was exactly how they are portrayed in movies, although a little more laid back. Thankfully I was able(…)

Dumb, Drunk and Racist?

Well, I have to say, that show was amusing show. Going into it from the ACA show, I thought, why these four people, who are they? how come they got chosen to go out of the billions? To me, I thought they were Punjabi students, but that wasn’t the case. We meet four indians who(…)

50 – 50

Wow Day 3 of my internship, and what a day it was. I knew what the beginning of this day would be about…..VOX POPS. My experience in the city was good, but you won’t meet the same type of people everywhere. I had to take a street poll involving 6 peoplee for one question and(…)