Journalist Profile: Sally-Ann Wilson (CBA)

Sally-Ann Wilson wanted to be a doctor or a nurse, but could not do mathematics. Instead, her innate curiosity about natural history and development led her to a career in broadcasting. “I had connections with radio and volunteered during university. I was doing three a.m. brekkie,” Sally-Ann said.  She trained in radio and, over time,(…)

Private and Public (Sydney Writers Festival)

A wander through Sydney’s Walsh Bay on May 19-20 provided a feast of fact and fiction all focussed on ‘what is public’ and ‘what is private’.  Here’s your chance to vicariously eavesdrop on two media sessions. Phone Hacking Mark Colvin explained that the phone hacking scandal in the UK is an historical anomaly that has never(…)

Who Does It Begin With?

As cliched as it may sound there are some things in life that are difficult to forget. Like the day Obama became President. I remember hearing the news with my head stuck in the fridge of some ghastly apartment. So Obama had won the presidency; the White Houses’ first black president. It was all fun(…)

Australian? Or fake?

This is my first blog in the history of my life. I don’t see the point of people who spend their days sitting at the computer reading other people’s opinions to form their own. Then is started reading some of my colleague’s blogs and man, SOME of them make some good points. I found myself(…)

Crazy Gravitation

Walking home from work today I had one question on my mind; do I attract the crazy people, or do they attract me? Although this question has only arisen after working 5 months in the infamous ‘Fortitude Valley’ my apparent gravitational force affecting crazy people started long before this year. In fact related memories stretch(…)

Pumped Up Kicks

Heading down Elizabeth Street last week, I heard an unmistakable sound that reminded me of home. Music to my ears. Literally. But not just any music. Loud bass reverberating around what I could tell, even without looking, would be a large refurbished studio in an old brick building with creaky wood floors and 360-degree mirrors.(…)

A Reflection

There are some people who engage your intellect, and some who lower it. It’s a little hard to think of myself as anything but the latter. I’ve never been able to really decide what I wanted to do with myself which leads to a sort of distractedness and sloppiness in most things I do. Which(…)

Beastie Burger Bomb

Beastie Burger Bomb

I’m a burger addict. I admit it. When I first heard about Beastie Burgers, I couldn’t help myself; I caved to the crave and conned some hungry friends into joining me at the South Bank restaurant. The menu looked amazing, boasting flame-grilled burgers with tasty toppings like avocado, greens, Kenilworth cheddar, onion jam, beetroot, fried(…)

My First Post

“Any man who reads too much and uses his own brain too little falls into lazy habits of thinking.” ~ Albert Einstein A lot of people started their blog with a quote so I figured I could do that to. Prior to studying at Jschool I was a man who read too much and used(…)