Am sitting at TDN and have just read Anthony’s feature on the biff ladies – great names they all had, and I enjoyed it.
This is a magic part of the world and went exploring this weekend as can’t go that far on my bike.
Last week there were two of us here; Beccy was from Griffith and I am learning fast – have really enjoyed my time but find it quite hard to source stories when you don’t really know the region.
There is lots happening here in terms of staff movements and restructuring but everyone has been great; there are some staff members who have been here for 20 years and the newspaper also employs an archivist who does historical features as well – the printed and bound archives are fascinating.
You have to completely source your own stories and that is challenging in itself as the established journos here have their own contacts and special areas and get story ideas from the editor, but it has been good and I have always preferred not to use media releases ; this is probably not possible in journalism of 2010. Have questioned people that I have found on my early morning runs and that is how I found the tip story.
Have done dog baiting, a thing on whale watching that was published on the weekend, a couple of sports stories that I enjoyed, an article on an ngo with an employment initiative at the local tip, an interview with an artist I found at the Speed on Tweed motor expo, a small information thing on this road with a high accident rate, an article on giant prawns and am now trying to find someone here who has had a stroke.
Go Hannah go, hope that your articles get published and let me know how to source them – so pleased that Aveliema had a fashion brief and look forward to reading it.
Meanwhile, have been practising my teeline………