Internship – Day Two

It’s Perth Royal Show judging time and this morning it’s all about a local German baker and his award winning breads. Germany and bread both make my things that are awesome list so this story is right up my alley.

Talking to the chief bread judge on the phone makes me incredibly hungry with his description of the prize winning breads – “Good sour aromas and the texture was very soft and moist. They had a nice appeal and finish on the outside.”

So hungry! Time to get out of the office and eat. But bugger, I don’t have enough time. I have to be at Ruben the Cuban’s gym to interview him and the female boxers. Looks like I’ll be interviewing on an empty stomach.

Ruben the Cuban turns out to be a real character and a half. Turns out he helped train boxers in his homeland for the Olympic team before moving out here. The girls are great as well. Lots of juicy quotes and some fantastic photos of them gloved up.

Now lunch. Oh no, the Re-Store is out of rolls! Bugger. Oh well, Japanese will have to suffice. By the way, if you are ever in Perth get yourself a Re-Store roll. Easily the best roll in Australia.

Back in the office, it’s time to write up the boxing story. Just as I file the photos come through. Looks like I will get a back page. Well a Claytons back page anyway. Being a suburban newspaper the back page is all adverts.

Now it’s time to start playing with my own baby. Earlier in the day I pitched a story about two local filmmakers. Their YouTube clip poking fun at Perth had gone viral since uploading it on Sunday. If you have a spare three minutes, check out This is Perth. It’s hilarious!

Looks like it will get a run, maybe even in all 17 newspapers in the arts section. Whoo hooo!