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Barfoot’s leadership in doubt after embarrassing gaffe

By Tim Eakins – Mock Federal Parliament Correspondent  Opposition Leader Brett Barfoot’s leadership of the Bevan Party came under fire again yesterday when he embarrassingly admitted to not knowing the difference between Greece and Turkey. Mr Barfoot, who should had been on the attack over Prime Minister Tim Eakins’ trip to Melbourne on a dumpling(…)

Cure For A Bad Case Of Can’t Be Bothered

Experienced court reporter Peter Gregory has a simple piece of advice for budding journalists when covering the courts of Australia: “Show up.” Speaking to Australia’s best looking journalism students from Brisbane’s Jschool, Gregory recalls the trial of convicted triple murderer Peter Dupas: “I was able to see him (Dupas) winking at the female journalists.” If(…)

Ten Items Or Less

The Lord Mayor Campbell Newman was on the TV news last night having a whinge about abandoned shopping trolleys. It showed the man walking through a graveyard of shopping trolleys looking forlorn and concerned. He would not of looked out of place at a mass disaster site. He mentioned that he was considering bringing in(…)

Are Toyota drivers the new Volvo drivers?

Are Toyota drivers the new Volvo drivers? I ask this because when I first started driving in 2001 Volvo drivers were easily the worst drivers on the road.  Not very fond of their indicators but very fond of their fog lights I found Volvo drivers to be the most inpatient, annoying drivers on the road. These days(…)

Election, party pies & footy

For very selfish reasons I was disappointed in the LNP’s lacklustre election result on Saturday. I had cleared my night to sit in front of Kerry O’Brien and the ABC and they called the election at 7:10pm. The night was over and the sun still hadn’t gone down completely! Fish & Chips was the most(…)