To begin; I’m staying at a cheap little YHA hostel in Maroochydore sharing a room with an interesting selection of ever-changing roomates including: a lovely German girl who offered me cookies and chocolates- [she unfortunately left about 10 minutes after my arrival, warning me about the “horrible 8 minute timer on the showers”] , a whiney American girl who often burst into tears without explaination and damanded i turn out the lights at 8pm so she could get her beauty sleep [she only stayed one night-phew], three Canadians [2 boys & 1 girl] who barely said a word to me or eachother in the one night that they stayed. Currently sharing my roomare two friendly American girls.

The other people in the hostel include a group of 8 German girls who eat huge dinners and love ‘Greys Anatomy’ and ‘Neighbours’.  There is another big group of Euopeans- their country of origin i can’t quite figure out as they spend most of their time working somewhere or watching dvds in the movie room.

Okay moving on to the the journo related stuff , the Daily is almost an hours walk from my hostel or 2 short bus rides.

I’m working in The Entertainer, a little magazine that is published once a week in the fridays paper, it’s a great section to work in, i’m really enjoying everything I’m given to do and am always busy.

My boss is Nate Cooper, he’s sarcastic, has great taste in clothing and is pretty fun to work with. He loves to give me all the work that he doesn’t want to do, such as filling in the gig guide which constantly needs updating,  updating the ‘top ten’ lists, and packaging up childrens prize packs and calling them to let them know they’ve won the various competitions. 

Although the gig guide is tedious, i usually like these little jobs as I always have something to do [and the kids are so cute on the phone!]

On Monday I interviewed and wrote a little story about an opera singer who will be performing in Caloundra this Sunday, Tuesday I went with a photographer to interview some staff from Budget Direct who were planting trees [i quickly learnt not to wear heels when interviewing someone standing in the mud] and I wrote a feature story about an ex USC lecturer who is opening an art exhibition soon.

Today i’ll be interviewing the band Goodnight Nurse who are touring Australia in July.

 I don’t know for sure if any of my work so far will reach publication as most of it is for Fridays paper, but i hope so…just one byline with my name on it would make me very happy.  

Grace W