Back to reality

    After two weeks away enjoying the lad back lifestyle of the north, it is back to reality but coming back to reality wasn’t a fun experience.     Here’s a tale of a male at 30,000 feet:   I experienced first hand and I now understand why people want to bring in “fat(…)

Wrap up of a week at the Cairns Post

It doesn’t matter how prepared you think you are for the newsroom, nothing can prepare you for the excitement you feel in the whirl wind of a newsroom.   The Cairns Post is centrally located in the heart of Cairns city in a big beautiful old white stone building just one street away from the(…)

Final Countdown

Today is the final day of my two week internship at Bundy’s News Mail. I honestly thought I would have plenty of time to write my blog and I would have nothing to do here. was i surprised??? They gave me plenty of work to do and made sure I was really busy.. I was(…)

End of Days

Well, it’s my final day here at the Queensland Times, working for the Advertiser and the QT. I’ve been trying to get on to the blog for 5 days now, and after persevering with the same password every day (which Rob told me-cheers Rob), it finally let me on!!! Everyone has been really fantastic here-there(…)