Standing at a Press Conference on the Speakers Green at Parliament waiting oh so patiently for the TV cameras to do another take on what seems like the twentieth time on a back bencher blowing into the latest and greatest breathalyser gadget, I wonder when the day will end.


All of a sudden there is yelling and cheering from over the big stone walls of Parliament, this was a good cue to leave parliament and use my journalistic senses and find out what was happening (and of course a great excuse to leave parliament!) Rob and I found out that it was nothing exciting going on just another union rally for power workers that made parliament look really exciting.


After telling Desley that there was no story of interest for the Indie, she persisted that I go back and find an angle that would suit the Indie. Walking back over to the rally I didn’t know what I was going to do, so I found some guys with children in prams thinking it would make a great “battling families” story. It’s amazing by talking to people; they can become a good source for a different story angle. So I decided to follow my lead… I needed a story after all. I found myself in an over crowded pub with free beer on tap and a lot of unhappy power employees and that is where my story unfolded which is yet to be finished!   


I learnt something very important that day: It may seem boring on the surface but if you dig below the surface and stick it out long enough there will be a story there somewhere!