Writing a report on the State of Origin proved an interesting challenge this week and made me realise I am definately not cut out for sports reporting – this became evident when I realised I didn’t even know what sport State of Origin was. My second question was who is playing? The disgusted answer I received to this question was lacking in words and over-zealous on the ‘I can’t believe you don’t know that’ looks.

Last week’s opera review was another tricky one. In my general blindess I didn’t realise the English translation ran above the stage so was left wondering why everyone was laughing. It took me until half way through to notice the blatantly obvious words staring me in the face. For a first opera experience I enjoyed it though!

Going to a press conference was also a first – the general slow pace of the television reporters was unexpected. This particular press conference was all about the latest high-tech breath tester being released in Queensland. For vision it was decided someone would model blowing into the device. This was repeated countless times until the premium shot was found – to me the whole thing looked the same every time but I guess that’s TV and why I like print. The fact that my brand new heels were sinking into the perfect grass on Speakers Green didn’t help the cause either!