My delayed internship blog… due to no internet connection!!!

J-school blog for when I finally get internet connection Sunday 15/05/08 Freaking out about the internship and just finished packing before I leave for the Sunny Coast. Done some research on Maroochydore and have a few story ideas. Feeling a little intimidated about the whole news room thing, but it’ll be fun to be thrown(…)

Back to reality

    After two weeks away enjoying the lad back lifestyle of the north, it is back to reality but coming back to reality wasn’t a fun experience.     Here’s a tale of a male at 30,000 feet:   I experienced first hand and I now understand why people want to bring in “fat(…)

Wrap up of a week at the Cairns Post

It doesn’t matter how prepared you think you are for the newsroom, nothing can prepare you for the excitement you feel in the whirl wind of a newsroom.   The Cairns Post is centrally located in the heart of Cairns city in a big beautiful old white stone building just one street away from the(…)

Final Countdown

Today is the final day of my two week internship at Bundy’s News Mail. I honestly thought I would have plenty of time to write my blog and I would have nothing to do here. was i surprised??? They gave me plenty of work to do and made sure I was really busy.. I was(…)

End of Days

Well, it’s my final day here at the Queensland Times, working for the Advertiser and the QT. I’ve been trying to get on to the blog for 5 days now, and after persevering with the same password every day (which Rob told me-cheers Rob), it finally let me on!!! Everyone has been really fantastic here-there(…)

Day 3 – The Satellite

The past couple of days were not what I was expecting. I thought as the week progressed that everyone would be getting more stressed but obviously this news room isn’t like that at all. Unlike other internships, this week has been a perfect blend of work and chinwagging. Whenever I’ve been less than preoccupied, a(…)

Day 3 at the Sunshine Coast Daily…

To begin; I’m staying at a cheap little YHA hostel in Maroochydore sharing a room with an interesting selection of ever-changing roomates including: a lovely German girl who offered me cookies and chocolates- [she unfortunately left about 10 minutes after my arrival, warning me about the “horrible 8 minute timer on the showers”] , a whiney American girl who(…)

D-Day – Sticksville 24/06/08

The ungodly hour of 6am approached. Surely no normal human being can operate at such a time… I managed to haul my body out of bed, grab a coffee and take off for what would be an hour drive to Acacia Ridge situated in the southern suburbs of Brisbane (or as many see it, toothless(…)

Allusive wine and Rodeos in Hervey Bay

Panic set in about three hours into my journey up the coast. Small town Australia scared me. Visions of snakes, spiders, cockroaches and all unpredictable slithery, crawling, flying things began to make me seriously consider the impulse to jump off the bus and get back to civilisation pronto.  But my fears proved unjustified.  Work at(…)

5th and final day.

So by friday I was feeling pretty good. The work load had intensified slightly and the big push to get the weekend edition out was very exciting. My day went like this: Got to the office early, wrote some briefs from  once large pile of press releases that was now smaller. Went to the news(…)

Day 3 at the QT

So day 1 and 2 ended. I don’t know how but they did and I had written stuff and even said something slightly relevant at the news conference. I was beginning to unclench. Vox Pops were being thrown at me like Australian backpackers throw tomatoes at La Tomatina in Valencia. In the 5 days I(…)

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