Joe that’s horrible news, well for us that is. But big huge canadian CONGRATS. Amazing opportunity for you. Have fun and you know I’ll have to come visit and borrow a space of floor now that you are staying somewhere cool, or at least, somewhere I haven’t been to yet. As for me, I’ve avoided(…)

The farewell

Comrades, Things are changing here in bundaberg. What started as a simple internship has grown. First there was that episode with Eli and radio show which almost turned me into a national star and now i have done something completely unprecedented. In the one week i was at the NewsMail i was offered a third(…)

Bundaberg, JJJ, Eli Radio & Joe

Comrades, i hope everyones having a good holiday. I’m up in Bundy in a shitty little internet cafe posting this blog. the bloke at the counter is charging me by the minute so i’m gonna try bang this it out quickly. The internship at the NewsMail is excellent, everyone there is young and fresh and(…)

quotes on the wall at my internship

“Doctors bury their mistakes. Lawyers hang them. But journalists put theirs on the front page.” – Anonymous “A young reporter, told to cut down the size of his news stories, wrote his next as follows: Rodney Fenster looked up the shaft at the Royal Hotel this morning to see if the elevator was on it’s(…)

In the spirit of home!

Hey guys.. Just some observations to make following the announcement of the new Australian ‘Here & Now’ Monopoly board. I would like to remind you all it was decided by votes!!!! First point for my home-town: Broken Hill is on the board for NSW and Sydney missed out… and some of you hadn’t heard of(…)

Coming together or unravelling fast…

I was going to write something serious but that entry of yours Tameka is going to be hard to beat! laugh. But in all seriousness, as the first semester gears up for a splash ending–hearing the Dalai Lama talk–I’m struggling to keep tabs on everything that’s going on, not to mention my huge backlog of(…)