Things are changing here in bundaberg. What started as a simple internship has grown. First there was that episode with Eli and radio show which almost turned me into a national star and now i have done something completely unprecedented. In the one week i was at the NewsMail i was offered a third year cadetship. if you ask the professor he will tell you in the history of Jschool no man has ever achieved this feat so early and i think he will add with so much grace. So i won’t be down there in the school knocking about with the rest of you and all that but i will be enrolled and i will finish. we are going to arrange a few days that i come down and do some classes and essential tests and things but by-and-large mitch will be the only man in the student body. Many things weighed on my mind when I made this decision, obviously, and going through them all would be a waste of time. But the main was that i had a pretty cushy position as president of the FOI assignment. As you know i took this role as any president would take his role and it was a hard role to leave. I believe, from afar, i could still serve as your fearless leader as we take on the FOI’s. But as leader i have realised this may upset you and you may feel i am no longer able to fulfil my role. It is for this reason that i, as president give you, comrades, the opportunity to vote on who will lead you through this tortuous campaign. As president i will do the noble thing and recommend Robyn. For a Canadian she has showed a tremendous vigour and an almost aussie-like attitude when it comes to doing hard work. But i will let you decide. When arrangements are made i recommend everyone try pick up a copy of the NewsMail as often as possible because you never know when i could be back joining you.