1971 was an all-round important year. It was the year cigarette advertisements were banned from television, the year Richard Nixon installed a secret taping system into the White House and the last year the South Sydney Rabbitohs made it into the NRL grand Final. They won 16-10 against Saint George. Friday the 26th of September they finally beat their 43 year losing streak when they broke out and beat their century long rivals the Sydney City Roosters. The game began looking as though the Rabbitohs were off their game. Fans everywhere almost let go of their hopes that their beloved Bunnies would make it through. Luckily for them the Rabbitohs picked up their game and they won 32-22. Fans were cheering, people had tears in their eyes and I watched as my father sat their proud that for the first time in his 42 years did his team make it into the Grand Final.
When the Rabbitohs won the Grand Final for the first time in 43 years the media went crazy, fans went crazy. A paper dedicated half of itself to the miraculous win. Every media outlet exploded; Twitter went crazy and so did Facebook. It was the most watched Grand Final in years and every single media outlet dipped their toes in the victory.