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Final Days of Work Experience

It was so sad watching it all come to an end, having to say goodbye to the community, to the editor and to the journalists. It was an incredible experience. I had my work published, I was able to take photo’s, I planned my days out to finish my stories. In the final few days(…)

Work Experience Days 5&6

Day Five: Today was publishing day, I couldn’t help much because I don’t know how to use their software or how to set up their paper. Today was the least exciting but it was still interesting, the editor had me sit in his office for a while and watch as he put the paper together.(…)

Work Experience Day 3&4

Day Three: I got offered a job today! Not by the paper but by the Gotta Love Logan organisation after I wrote a story on them! THIS is the best day ever! I went out to take photo’s of them for the story and they offered me a job! I cannot believe it, I am(…)

Work Experience Day 1&2

Amazing. That is all I can say when I think about my first two days at the Jimboomba Times. The days went so quickly, I was so busy. Day One: I found out they only have one full time journo, one part-time and the editor working at the paper. The editor also runs the Beaudesert(…)

43 Years Long

1971 was an all-round important year. It was the year cigarette advertisements were banned from television, the year Richard Nixon installed a secret taping system into the White House and the last year the South Sydney Rabbitohs made it into the NRL grand Final. They won 16-10 against Saint George. Friday the 26th of September(…)


It is the age old question; can you hate a religion for their extremists? The one answer is no, you cannot. You cannot hate someone for believing in the same God as someone else. This question has recently come to my attention obviously due to the fact that our wonderful little country has recently received(…)