It is the age old question; can you hate a religion for their extremists? The one answer is no, you cannot. You cannot hate someone for believing in the same God as someone else. This question has recently come to my attention obviously due to the fact that our wonderful little country has recently received quite a few threats. Recently on Sunday Night there was a story on Religious Extremists. One in particular was a man from the Muslim faith who vowed he would take down Australia by becoming our Prime Minister. He would force people to believe in the Muslim faith and after Australia he would begin to take over the world. It was quite obvious that Sunday Night was trying to scare us, showing the public how awful this extremist was. There was no big threats against the country at that time I have no idea why they chose to focus on extremists at that point but I do know how angry it made the public. And of course there wasn’t much separation between that one extremist and every other person of the same faith.
The media controls this is some way, with their headlines, ‘Islamic State Followers Urged to Attack Australians by any means’. How is that supposed to make Australians feel? Frightened, angry and honestly with their hatred for these people and the pinning them all together it is making people racists. The media controlled that whole panic, they controlled the public.