Today will be my last day of my work experience at the Northern Star.
I don’t know whether it was the elation of seeing my name printed in a paper, seeing the community members light up at the chance to be interviewed, the small things that made the big news or just the whole job in general that I have grown quite fond of.

Yesterday I went out on a job with my college Marnie, and what we saw was touching.
A humble Lismore man was hovering around his front door on the verge of tears.
As soon as we approached the stairs he said: you know your in the top three of the complete garden competition when the Northern Star come, you have to tell me where I placed, I’m shaking I’m so nervous.
You could feel the love and appreciation, the decade long effort to create the masterpiece is his front lawn…And then you went out the back.
It was stunning. White homing pigeons, vege gardens and the sweet smell of flowers and spring, the place was a fairy tale.
The man’s story behind the house was touching.
And to say anymore would spoil Marnie’s article. (you guys will just have to buy the Northern Star)

So now, coming to the final day of my journey here, it is safe to say that I have thoroughly enjoyed my time and regretfully go back to my reality, waitressing tables.

The one thing I have found interesting in a smaller paper was the lack of a news conference, not once did we have to enter a formal room. We could just peek up and over our cubical walls and yell out across the room to the editor. It was surreal but an environment I definitely enjoyed.

In 20 years time when I am a great fashion magazine owner/editor, I hope my staff find the work place as comfortable as I found the Northern Stars.