No, I’m totally kidding. Not about the day two part. Just the drama part. I just finished my second full day of  work experience at the Northern Star. BUT! There has been no drama. Literally. Zip. Nil. ZERO. It is utterly fabulous in the office. I am not sure what I imagined a news room would look like but to my surprise, it is a bit inspiring. I won’t lie, sometimes it gets a bit dull. Especially when your getting hungry, and have been staring at a computer for hours on end with that niggling little caffeine addiction continually poking at your brain asking for a coffee and all you can think of is a walk in the park but you have to finish whatever is on that computer screen first. That’s when I can fully understand and appreciate the hard work a full time journo does.

Looking back at the past two days I realised how nervous I was. I changed my outfit at least three times, packed and then re-packed my lunch and then packed my sisters lunch. I think it was a way to attempt to settle my nerves and kind of ,maybe just a little, stall for time before I began my journey to the office and make my grand entrance.

Turns out I was worried for nothing. I wish my nails would grow back already though.

Already I have written two articles which will be published this week sometime (as they aren’t really urgent breaking news)with more on the way. The best thing about the few getting published was that there has been little to zero changes! I felt like I was going to be sick I was so happy. Turns out I have actually improved this year despite my feeling of inadequacy the past few weeks.

Looking forward to the rest of the week.

Fingers crossed I stumble across some amazing new development or something and score a front page article.

Hope everyone else is having as much fun as I am on their own work experience journeys.