The Valley seemed very strange and unknown to me as I walked along, in search of my new workplace. Although, as the sun fell, the bright lights came on and I clocked out for the day, it seemed much clearer. The building was right next to the train station and surrounded by night clubs.

I began my internship at Scene magazine. I was excited to be contributing, every week, to a music publication and right away, after being shown around, I was told I’d be conducting an interview late afternoon. Not a moment was spent waiting for tasks- I was busy the entire nine hour day.

It was a large building, with only a few desks. The walls were coloured with posters and photographs from years gone by with the magazine and a wide selection of music played throughout the day. The stairs to the entrance put me on slight edge as I ascended up the creaking passage. I was shown to a room filled with every edition of the magazine ever made, sprawled out across the floor. It was a majestic sight; each sporting a glossy colourful design. I walked on to find the interview room and sighed with relief. It made me uneasy conducting long interviews in a quiet room full of people, as I did during my previous internship.

I was settled and began researching my interviewee. “Prepare your liver and put on your drinking hats and beer goggles because Finland’s alcohol fuelled metal sextet, Korpiklaani are setting course for Australia,” the release read. I’d been a true metal fan for years and was a fan of folk metal. I had a feeling there was more to the band than drinking, and I was right.

Between 4pm I had a number of different tasks. I researched and wrote up some stories for the magazine’s LGBTI page and to my surprise, wrote up headlines for each of them, too. Racing to finish everything, I also wrote up some small event stories from press releases.

Later on, just as everyone was beginning to wrap up for the day, I ventured into the stuffy, secluded room, dialed the 16 digit number and was greet by Toumas, the fiddle player for the band. I got through 14 of my questions and then said goodbye to Toumas. I then sat back to my very confusing Apple Mac and transcribed the interview. It took a long time but eventually I was finished for the day.

So, that was my day filled with writing features, listening to fiddles and learning more about Finland. Oh, and during my lunch break I walked down the street and bought a foot-long sub.