Seven years ago I never thought I would be returning to my home town as an aspiring journalist.

With only three weeks until my internship at the Toowoomba Chronicle I am very excited to take a trip down memory lane while experiencing the life of a journo working at a daily newspaper.

Its hard to believe its already been two months since my last internship at the Redcliffe and Bayside Herald.

Looking back at it now, I remember how nervous I was leading up to my first day.

The morning of, I arrived 20 minutes early and I sat in the car giving myself a pep talk. I had no idea what to expect or whether I would survive a whole week out in the real world.

Stepping into the office I was introduced to the editor Kylie Knight, who had been working with Quest for 14 years, it was intimidating to say the least.

However, thankfully everyone at the office was very friendly and they all gave me a fair go.

On my first day at the Herald there wasn’t much work assigned to me due to publication deadlines, so I spent the day completing my induction pack and writing briefs.

While it wasn’t exactly thrilling or challenging, I took it in my stride as every great journalist had to start somewhere.

The rest of the week was more productive and Wednesday morning I was invited to take part in the weekly meeting to prepare for the next edition.

With new stories assigned to me, I finally had the chance to prove myself and felt I was helping instead of hindering.

I reported on upcoming events including the Jetty and Jetty fun run and the Medieval Festival. I wrote profiles on visiting authors and shared the achievements of young people and businesses around the peninsula. My favourite story was on the visiting State of Origin police car.

Finally before I knew it, my week at the Herald had reached an end but I went away with a sense of accomplishment and feeling much more confident.

Over the following weeks I was pleased to find out five of my stories had made publication and I am just as excited now to find out what new adventures I will under take on my next internship.