Starting with Tuesday

It isn’t in many professions that Tuesday is the first day of the working week. But I guess that’s just one of the differences between a Sunday paper and a regular weekly. Today signalled my first day of my second internship, practically making me an expert in the interning field. So why did I have(…)

Making news with the NewsMail

Time to check in…… The first  two days went along without problem – it’s good to see the sun shinning and be out of a classroom. It’s basically summer all year round in Bundaberg and I think that reflects in the people. They are happy little sods and it would be difficult to find an(…)

Day 2 – Call Me

Day 2 – Call Me

(Pic taken this morning while I was enjoying a ‘chino and a muffin)   I had an earlier start today at the Herald Sun so after snoozing for an extra ten minutes or so, I got ready and headed down to the office. As I had a bit of time up my sleeve and lacking(…)

Internship Day 2: What’s a lead-in?

A lead-in is a two to three par on the front cover that leads the reader into the main story on a page in the paper. Something I learnt today during my second day at the QT. One of my story ideas got up in the morning NC which I was very happy about. About a local poetry competition getting a(…)