Okay so you know those times when you are inspired to go on a book spending spree?

Well yesterday was one of those moments for me…

As I was going about my daily business trying to locate a good hairdresser and splurging a bit by means of “retail therapy” low-and-behold!

The QBD Bookshop in Strathpine had a ton of signs splashed around their shop screaming out crazy savings.

I thought. Meh.

Not thinking I would score any decent reads (except for the books in the kiddie’s shelves blaring at me to “buy them for the kids” with their pretty coloured covers) I did a quick ‘z-scan’, left-to-right, left-to-right of the shop (John has been teaching us about newspaper layouts and how a page can capture the reader’s attention effectively, totally true!)

and found to my delight:

Nelson Mandela’s Biography, $9.99 – mine.

Ray Martin’s Autobiography: Stories of my life – $9.99 – mine.

Autobiographies were looking good!





Then I saw it: Gasp!

William Shakespeare on The Art of Love – The Illustrated Edition of the most beautiful love passages in Shakespeare’s plays and poetry.

$59.99 reduced to (wait for it)

$9.99  BANG!

I swooped it off the shelf like a pro-crim.

Last one on the shelf was mine. Muahahahahahaha!



All I could think of was how beautifully captivating this book was…

It was so classic and old yet, brand new. Packaged. Ohhhh no one had opened this book yet…

I imagined.

Caressing its sonnet filled pages and strong hard, spine perusing over legendary filled words flowing rich with ……. well you get the idea.

My pulse was rising… I had to buy it.

The guy at the shop counter with his ever so gen-teel manner said,

“Oh my God, this is the last one, I bought this for my mother for a birthday present it’s so beautiful!”

Yep. And that’s why it’s mine. All mine.

I felt pretty elated at that point.


But it didn’t end there…

I entered another random bookstore to find…. gasp….more?!

Gawd this was just too much for me!

I think the whole quirky “discovery of languages” book thingy appealed to me…..

The Vulgar Tongue – Buckish Slang and Pickpocket Eloquence ($9.95) – mine. (David Stuart has this book too. As I said Dave “great minds!” )

Samuel Johnson’s Dictionary – Selections from the 1775 work that defined the English Language ($9.95) – mine.

For shizzle.

Maybe it’s not everyone’s idea of exciting reading.

But i was whipped.

And in my “to-do” day of doing a bunch of girly shopping such a distraction usually wouldn’t have caused me to swoon over a bunch of books.

And spend money on em’.

Oh but  “the lady doth protest too much!”

I’d never seen so many sweet books for less than $10.

Ten books later and I was a very satisfied customer.