It feels like I haven’t blogged for ages, so I didn’t know what to write about until yesterday night when I got locked out of the building. Yes, that’s right I was locked out!

After meeting with Desley to discuss my progress with the article I am working on, Katie and I stayed back to work on our articles and to research. Katie left just before 4 and I stayed to finish the sub editing test as I have no internet at home. As I was finishing off, I remembered that I should take the rubbish down to the bins, so I left my phone and my laptop and closed the door behind me (leaving it unlocked) and wentdown to throw the rubbish out. I got locked out of the entrance when I got rid of the rubbish and I got through via the cafe, but that was the easy part. I thought all I had to do was to press level 5 in the lifts and up I go, collect my belongings and home I head, but I was wrong!

The lifts would not go up to level 5. Now what. My phone, my laptop, everything I have is upstairs and here I am locked out. This is not good at all. I went up by the stairs to the Hairdressers and asked how should I get up to level 5. The staff told me I needed a key and their key could only get them to the first floor. Now I was stuck. How do I get up? I tried racing up the stairs to level 5, hoping earnestly that the doors would be open so I can get in, but that didn’t happen.

I went back to the  staff at the salon and they calmly told me that they will give the landlord a call and he usually is on site so that should solve it. At the cafe a call was made to the landlord and quickly enough that proved to be not much help because he was in the Gold Coast! He told me he will see what he could do and a few phone calls he needed to make. Soon after he called back up and told me no one was in the building and the only people who could help me were security, but they were not answering their phone. Isn’t that just great! He told me he would call John and see how he could solve this dilemma.

I sat there twiddling my thumbs and wondering, what if I can’t get up there and get my items? How can I survive without my phone tonight? Mum and dad must be calling me now, how will I tell them, “Sorry mum, I got locked out accidentally, don’t worry about me, I’m fine?” As I was asking myself those questions, John called and told me that he doesn’t have the key for the lifts and is it ok if I go home and pick my belongings tomorrow. Pick my stuff tomorrow?! Ummm, well, it looks like I have no option really. Yeah, no problems I told John.

Thankfully, I had my go card and my bank card in my pocket, so I went home safely. Yes, I survived the night without my phone. I woke up and made my way to Jschool, and as I left the room last night, I walked in and found it just the way I left it. All is safe.

Oh by the way Aba, you didn’t need to take the rubbish down, why do you think we pay for a cleaner? Thanks John, I will definitely remember that next time, not to take the rubbish down!