I was awake before the 5:30am alarm went off and abnormally leaped out of bed to get ready for my super early flight to Melbourne.

I have always had an insane paranoia of missing flights. Luckily its never happened to me but I must always be there ridiculously early only to curse my eager nature and wish I’d stayed in bed longer.

After a fairly uneventful 2 and a half hour flight, I had arrived in Melbourne.

Walking into my motel/hotel which is situated smack bang in the middle of town,  I thought I could swing an early check-in based on that it is a Sunday.

Nope. Wrong. I had to kill a few hours til my room was ready.

So I left reception with my suitcase and armed with my handbag, laptop and other assorted unnecessary things I decided to revisit the City I used to call home many years ago.

Many words come to mind when I think of Melbourne. Busy, cold, big to name a few.

I’ve always joked that I treat Melbourne like an old boyfriend. I miss it when I leave but get frustrated when I’m here.

So, it was still very early and despite my hunger telling me it felt like Thai from my favourite little haunt in China Town, the only option was a chicken wrap from Nando’s.

I sat in the most uncomfortable stool imaginable and peered out the window. For the next ten minutes or so, I people watched. Its something incredibly fascinating you can do to observe all types of human behavior without being completely creepy and helps pass the time when you are on your own.

After devouring my tasty wrap, I decided with another two hours to kill the best thing available to keep my feet from burning anymore, would be to catch a flick.

Many of my friends don’t understand why I like going to see movies on my own. They think its odd and that they’d constantly be paranoid about what others thought of them being alone in a cinema.

But me? I love doing it. It gives me a chance to completely unwind and forget about everything going on in an hour and a half.

I chose to watch ‘Horrible Bosses’ which was meh. And I say that in the nicest possible way.

After the movie, I checked in to my humble room with window views of air conditioning vents and concrete.

And that leaves me here. Now. Preparing for the first day of my internship tomorrow at the Herald Sun.

A flurry of emotions including nerves, excitement and that “first day of school” feeling.

And with that, I must get some sleep for my big day tomorrow.
Good luck to everyone else tomorrow as well!