With Twitter, Facebook and Google Maps, it seems like we will never have to ask for directions again. We can simply post a status update – “I’m lost! LOL! Someone help!” – then only a few seconds later find out how long it will take us to drive or walk to our desired destination.


And as helpful as technology is, I find it a little sad that the Good Samaritan deed of helping each other is heading towards extinction.


However, today has restored some of my hope.


Halfway home on the train, it was cheerfully announced through the intercom that all passengers would have to get off and wait for another train to arrive. It would hopefully arrive within the next 2 hours.


So there I was, barely having lived a month in Brisbane, stranded on a platform, surrounded by fellow commuters and cursing my stupidity at leaving my street directory at home.


All seemed lost… I would have to Google Map.


However, after only a few moments of waiting, a remarkable thing happened. People started to rally together and make decisions.


Some decided to try their luck returning to the city, other more local travellers decided to guide those in need to the nearest bus stop.


Feigning a nonchalant attitude while secretly panicking inside and feeling very alone, I followed a group to the nearest bus stop.


But by the time the next bus had arrived, I had been befriended by two girls and one older lady. I had been told which bus to catch, which bus stop to get off at, which connecting bus to catch and how long it would take me to get home.


I was even accompanied by one of the girls for the majority of my trip – who smiled encouragingly when I stepped off the bus to find my next bus.


Now I know that it is unlikely one of these three women will ever read this blog. But I would just like to say thank you.


Google Maps may be helpful but I can guarantee it wouldn’t have made jokes about our accidental “adventure” like you three!


So thank you. Thank you for showing me that even with our busy and stressful lives, we are still willing to stop and give each other directions.