Famed pajama designer Peter Alexander announced that he would be choosing Australia’s Next Top Model winner Tahnee Atkinson as his next ‘cover girl’ and this decision has brought up some controversy in the fashion world.

Tahnee, a healthy size-10 had previously been called “too big” for the industry and while the sad truth is that not many women resemble the stick thin, alien-like appearance of the supermodels in the world today, we are constantly barraged with the glossy mags telling us that thin is in.

While my personal views remain that we need more fuller figure women on the runway, I do applaud Alexander for taking such a beautiful, non stick figure looking model such as Tahnee and placing her as the main attraction rather than a dot in the background.

But naming Tahnee as curvy? Please. A size 10 does not constitute for a curvy woman. The average size of the Australian woman is 16 and this is forever changing.

I am not suggesting women go out and grab the nearest tub of Häagen-Dazs because being bigger is turning into the norm in Australia, but I am suggesting women try and love the body they are in as opposed to constantly looking for ways to get to that size 0 figure to be “accepted” in life.

Peter Alexander’s decision is empowering to future models but it also needs to be said that size 10 is certainly not an average size and the more we are comfortable with this reality, the better.