I survived 6-hour Endurance Photography

I haven’t been doing much this week because of being ill, but my first excursion in four days (on painkillers) was to Canungra, a good hour’s drive away, for the Avanti 6-hour Endurance cycle. A day of endurance – and not just for the riders. It’s a cross-country cycling race open to ‘4-man’ teams right(…)

My experience as a MOJO

Some of you may have known that my last blackberry drown in the toilet at the Brisbane city council library. It really was one of the most heart-wrenching moments for me, may he rest in peace. And so, for the last couple of weeks I had been lagging around this brick that shook loudly as(…)

Smoke on my coffee run

Today I bumped into an old friend on my coffee run. I was heading to Gloria Jeans (where they don’t surcharge on public holidays) to feed my caffeine addiction, and he was heading to a convenience store to feed his nicotine addiction. I sometimes think I nurture an expensive habit – how many newspaper subscriptions(…)

Cooking… experiences with a three-year-old…..And a husband.

To start the process rolling we first need to find the recipe. Mad dash to find the newly acquired I-phone … yes we cheated and took a photo of the recipe whilst out shopping yesterday. Sneaky? Yes, but honestly it was needed! So out come the ingredients: flour, sugar, coconut, butter…. the first four ingredients(…)