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Just did an annoying phone interview with a local business owner who we are doing a favour for by writing about her business like she wanted us to and she was, erm, NOT FRIENDLY. I’ve punched out the story and sent it to Alena and now am going to make myself a cuppa. !

Mon – Thurs Hana @ Ipswich News

YAAAYY!!! Dudes and chicks, Hanna Golingi will finally blog about her internship experiences so far at good old Ipswich News. I, unlike a certain Mr Gough, knew that we were supposed to be doing this regularly during our internship week, but unfortunately I have not been able to find my WordPress username and password til(…)

I survived 6-hour Endurance Photography

I haven’t been doing much this week because of being ill, but my first excursion in four days (on painkillers) was to Canungra, a good hour’s drive away, for the Avanti 6-hour Endurance cycle. A day of endurance – and not just for the riders. It’s a cross-country cycling race open to ‘4-man’ teams right(…)

Smoke on my coffee run

Today I bumped into an old friend on my coffee run. I was heading to Gloria Jeans (where they don’t surcharge on public holidays) to feed my caffeine addiction, and he was heading to a convenience store to feed his nicotine addiction. I sometimes think I nurture an expensive habit – how many newspaper subscriptions(…)