The irony is that we put so much effort into making our home look like nobody lives in it to convince others that they want to live in it.
So we are selling, after only living it in for just over a year, our purpose built home is on the market. But have you ever gone to look at an open house and wonder in amazement at the sheer elegance of it? Much like a show home, people now days ‘dress’ their homes for sale…. it’s ironic isn’t it. We put such an effort into presenting a house to the open market; people are struck by the simple lines, clean and clear bench tops, simple rugs that hug the floors. Do you ever wonder how it is possible that a family can even live in such an existence?

* * * * *
To say the house is chaotic is one thing… but to actually be living in this chaotic craziness is another…. you see it is ‘Selling Houses’ time and one thing is for sure – living in a display home is not easy! But, and dare I say it, it can be done and you might just surprise yourself!

First things first…..

Cull the clutter. Yes by that I mean everything, toys, books, clothes, sheets, toys, magazines, bricks, fencing materials, toys, beds, chairs, couches, toys, shoes, papers, pots, plants and then some more toys.
Who ever thought a three-year-old could amass so many toys? Granted she loves reading and has a strong creative flair but does she really need a whole room full of toys? Apparently yes she tells me.

So after trips to the rubbish dump and local charity bins I can finally start to see the house.

Cleaning out cupboards, sorting clothing into a colour coordinated pile and folding linen so it looks absolutely perfect can be quite draining. Then there is the scullery, and wow, did that get a makeover! I can now actually see all the kitchen gadgets we have, all the food is properly sorted into the essential black Tupperware containers, and cooking is a breeze.

The study was next on the hit list – we all know how important it is to have a user friendly place to study – and now studying is enjoyable….. okay okay, almost enjoyable 😉

Bedrooms. What is needed in a bedroom? Surely not half of what I found! It was out with the old and in with new as I used my newly found e-bay skills to auction off the old bed. As they say ones man’s trash is another’s treasure and after so many successful e-bay auctions I certainly agree.
So after a quick trip to Super A-mart the master bedroom and lounge room now look complete. … Plush cushions and murano glass vases fill the place with a special touch.

With the house being so new there really isn’t a lot, if any, work to do on bringing it up to a nice standard. In fact the house was looking so nice when the agent came over that I was reluctant to sign the agreement to sell. I’ve always dreamt of having a beautiful house, with everything in place, and now I finally have it I’m sad to be selling.

The house is gleaming, the rooms manicured to perfection, and the outside is just bursting with greenery and stunning Australian native plants and flowers. The photographer comes to capture the place, “Picture perfect,” he says and I know he is suitably impressed.
“I usually spend more time cleaning and tidying a house then I do photographing it,” he says and I can only imagine what he must see in his job sometimes. Telling me he is happy with his photos he heads off to give them to the agent. I walk around the house and try to imagine viewing it for the first time.

My mother rings and I tell her just how nice the house is looking, “Mum its show home perfect,” I say. I then proceed to tell her my fear…. keeping the house at this current level of perfection. After some wise advice from her I take a call from the agent. An inspection is listed for the coming weekend… fear grips me as I realise this is a total of four days away. How are we supposed to live in such an immaculate home for the next four days? What about basics like cooking and playing and sleeping? Am I really going to be able to make the bed to the exact way it is now? I don’t have a spare ten minutes in the day to do anything so the thought of inspections and getting the house back to perfection made me want to book the family into a hotel for a week.

Rushing out the door to work I take one final look at the place. Let’s just hope it stays this way I pray.

Fast forward three days and it is Friday night… the day before the first inspection. Scanning the house I notice the small things….. marks on mirrors, finger prints on cupboard doors and the need to do a quick vaccume. But we have survived. I am shell shocked. How have we managed to keep the place up to the perfection level we have always wanted? Granted I am now a pro at making the beds, and can cook with ease, I am wondering why it was so hard in the first place.

The inspection went well according to the agent, people loved the house, and many made comments about just how neat, tidy and sparkling it was. However the question was asked: “How do they live in the house?” Well I do finally have the answer to that:

Takeaway and motels.

No I’m joking. It really was not as hard as I thought it would be. For so long I was under the impression that keeping a house spotless was an impossible task, especially with both parents working full time and a three-year-old who has too many possessions, but in reality it is not. Put things away after using them, wipe the benches down when finished, make the bed as soon as you get up and finally ensure everyone in the house is living with the same mottos.

Now three weeks later and we have had quite a few inspections, including one that gave us only a few hours to prepare, yet the blood pressure has remained in check. We are genuinely living in and loving our beautifully presented home.
The house is going to auction soon and I am honestly wondering if selling is the right thing for us. We had the home designed not only for the block but for our family and our needs. Super storage space for tutus, bikes and craft items, an organised home this certainly is. I guess the challenge will be to find a new place and make it work for us like this house now does. As my nana always said “A place for everything and everything in its place.” Now I’m old and wise I couldn’t agree more.