For very selfish reasons I was disappointed in the LNP’s lacklustre election result on Saturday.

I had cleared my night to sit in front of Kerry O’Brien and the ABC and they called the election at 7:10pm.

The night was over and the sun still hadn’t gone down completely! Fish & Chips was the most exciting part of my night. It was meant to be the second most exciting part.

Apart from ruining a night of fun the ALP victory also meant the campaign promise of an AFL stadium on the Gold Coast could soon be a reality.

With that stadium will come a 17th AFL team and the horrible situation of bye rounds.

There is no bigger weekend disaster than having an oven full of party pies, a fridge full of beer and your footy team is the only team not playing.

So please think of me and my party pies Anna Bligh when it comes to talking footy on the Gold Coast.