Are Toyota drivers the new Volvo drivers?

I ask this because when I first started driving in 2001 Volvo drivers were easily the worst drivers on the road. 

Not very fond of their indicators but very fond of their fog lights I found Volvo drivers to be the most inpatient, annoying drivers on the road.

These days though I find myself grinding my teeth at the sheer stupidity of Toyota drivers.

What has changed?

Firstly, Volvo as a car company have managed something extraordinary; transforming themselves from a company that makes cars that are considered whistling lunch-boxes to cars that have an alternative Swedish feel with a bit of sex appeal thrown in.

Secondly, every man and his dog who knows nothing about cars or driving seems to buy a Toyota now. That is why these days you will see a Toyota parked across three disabled bays and not a Volvo.

So if you are a considering buying a Toyota I ask you to consider one thing……..

Maybe you are better off catching public transport? For the safety of everyone.