I had a chat with my brother before moving to the Land Down Under. We knew where Australia was but we didn’t have any idea about the people who live here. We were making jokes —  do these people even know anything about themselves?   We saw headlines in newspapers like “Who are we?” and the next day “Do we still know who we are?”.  So I travelled two days to find out and it was worth it. And, my brother, I can tell you this: these are the most friendly and easygoing people that I’ve ever met.

Jschool must be the best school I’ve ever gone to. I enjoy the lessons and I’m learning so many new things, including the funny Australian accent. And my classmates are one of the biggest reason swhy I anxiously always wait for the next school day.

My dad asked me last year could I possibly try to stay in one place more then a year and I said no.  But now I’ve changed my mind.  Dad, I think I’ve found the place.  Like they say in the song:

” Take me down to the paradise city where the grass is green and…” well in my case ” the boys are pretty.” (Paradise city by Guns ‘n’ Roses)